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Here is the previous article I wrote about Dreamcker.

Dreamcker (Docker Hub) is a docker container with all required tools to build dreamcast games.

docker pull drylm/dc-dev:1.4
docker run --rm  -v /path/to/your/project:/src/project -it drylm/dc-dev:1.4 /bin/bash

#inside container
root@ba9049d7f5f6:/src/project# make

What's new

In the last weeks dreamcker has been slightly improved:

  • kos has been updated to the last version (commit)
  • libraries contain an old school libkglx issued from this project
  • makefile rules have been added to prepare cdi image. If user wants to load his project in an emulator such a Reicast
    sh-elf-objcopy -R .stack -O binary $(TARGET) $(STRIP)
    mkdir -p $(BURN_FOLDER)/pre
    scramble $(STRIP) $(BURN_FOLDER)/pre/$(SCRAMBLE)
    genisoimage -C 0,11702 -V $(PROJECT) -G $(IP) -r -J -l -o $(BURN_FOLDER)/$(ISO) $(BURN_FOLDER)/pre
    cdi4dc $(BURN_FOLDER)/$(ISO) $(BURN_FOLDER)/$(CDI)

IP.BIN is not included in this release for rights reasons.

docker image may be run in 2 different ways:

  • in interactive shell
docker run --rm  -v /path/to/your/project:/src/project -it drylm/dc-dev:1.4 /bin/bash
  • like an executable
docker run --rm  -v /path/to/your/project:/src/project -it drylm/dc-dev:1.4

# calls automatically the scripts: /src/build.sh

Source code:



. ${ROOT}/environ_runtime.sh

pushd /src/project

make all


I do have a pet project: DCSI which compiles and run~ish (heavy refactoring at the moment).

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