Dreamcker: Dreamcast development environment in a docker container

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The motivation behind this little project is to provide a unified way to get the Dreamcast toolchain and development tools.

To unify this build, I created a repository on Github with the related submodules : Dreamcker

Docker Images

This project is 3 different docker images to make the full build :

  • dc-toolchain : Build the gcc toolchains for sh4-elf and arm
  • dc-kos : Build KallistiOS / KOS Ports and dcload-tools
  • dc-dev : Contain all binaries to compile dreamcast binaries and related tools

You can build the image by yourself or use the docker image from Docker Hub or do

docker pull drylm/dc-dev

Then you can run your container :

docker run -v path/to/your/source:/src/your_project -it drylm/dc-dev:latest

Then you have your source project mounted under /src/your_project folder. Lets do your homebrew projects !

Feel free to submit pull requests !

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